Aquatic Weed Control

Waterworks Industries, Inc. specializes in controlling nuisance aquatic vegetation that can have a significant impact on the beneficial uses and ecology of your waterbody (lake, pond, river, wetland, water feature). Submerged, floating, and emergent aquatic weed species can cause an assortment of negative impacts and there are several different management and control strategies for each weed type and species. Outlined below are several negative impacts that could be associated with excessive growth of aquatic vegetation in your system:

  • Prevention or restriction of recreational activities such as swimming, fishing, and boating.
  • Reduction or exclusion of beneficial native plant species.
  • Make available habitat for disease carrying vectors such as mosquitos. 
  • Create periods of low dissolved oxygen due to decomposition which can lead to fish kills.
  • Causes taste and odor issues for drinking water supplies.
  • Block flow in drainage or irrigation systems. 
  • Aquatic weeds catching sediment and debris accelerating the sedimentation rate.
  • Increased water loss from emergent and floating species due to evapotranspiration. 
  • Diminishment of aesthetics for private or public use which can also lead to loss of waterfront property value.

Images show before and after.