Algae Control and Nutrient Reduction

Waterworks Industries, Inc. can decrease the potential for algae growth and blooms through preventative treatments to reduce nutrient levels and organic sludge. Or when algae has already bloomed and is creating nuisance conditions, we have the tools to eliminate the blooms fast to quickly restore the water quality in your system. Outlined below are a few methods we use to prevent and treat algal growth:

  • Assist in determining the cause of the issue by looking into management strategies and potential nutrient sources.
  • Performing water quality analysis to determine what conditions and elements are contributing to algal growth.
  • Taking samples of problematic algae to properly identify the species and count to ensure the correct management strategies are implemented.
  • Treatment with naturally occurring bacteria, enzymes and sludge eating cultures to reduce organic biomass buildup and strip nutrients from the water column.
  • Treatment using products such as Alum or Phoslock to reduce phosphorus concentrations in lake or pond water limiting the availability of this nutrient for algae production.
  • Treatment of algal blooms using Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) approved aquatic algaecides
  • Install Aeration and circulation systems to increase dissolved oxygen levels which can reduce nitrogen and phosphate levels.

Benefits include:

  • Reduction or elimination of taste and odor issues in drinking water reservoirs
  • Eliminate Harmful Algae Blooms (HAB’s) that produce toxins which can create health hazards for humans and animals.
  • Keep waters open for recreational uses such as swimming and boating.
  • Prevent fish kills by eliminating the algae before a large bloom naturally dies off and severely reduces dissolved oxygen levels.
  • Restore the aesthetic value of golf course ponds, lakes, and personal ponds.